Population management, record keeping and studbook management

Dr. Tomisawa has been working for zoo conservation breeding programs and record management more than 10 years especially in Asia region. She has taught to the various kind of people from public to specialists such as studbook keepers. She has the experience to have training, seminar and workshop in Japanese and English in Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries.




Dr. Tomisawa has the seminar named "DARECHOKO" about the very basic population management regularly around Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Morioka and Okinawa. All of the people who are interested in population management can attend. A total of more than 500 people has been attended.
For more information, please visit DARECHOKO official page (Japanese only).


「だれちょこ」は、東北から沖縄まで日本各地で行われている個体群管理に関するセミナーです。個体群管理にご興味をお持ちの方であればどなたでもご参加いただけます。これまでに述べ500人以上の方にご参加いただいております。2017年 7月よりオンライン講座でもご覧いただけます。オンライン講座にはこちらからアクセスしてください。今後の開催情報等詳細につきましては、だれちょこ公式ページをご覧ください。

Main lecture history

  • Lecture at Nihon university, Tokyo, Japan

  • Lecture and intensive course at Teikyo university of science and technology, Yamanashi, Japan

  • Lecture at Toyo university, Tokyo, Japan

  • Lecture at OCA ECO (Zoological technical college) in Osaka, Japan

  • Training workshop about zoo record keeping for ZPO in Thailand

  • Training for the zoo keepers of Myanmar national zoos

  • Studbook record keeping training for zoo keepers of Wildlife Reserve Singapore (Singapore zoo)


  • 日本大学(2013-2015年 生物資源科学部動物資源科学科研究員)

  • 帝京科学大学(2016年から現在 非常勤講師)

  • 東洋大学

  • ​東海大学

  • 大阪ECO動物海洋専門学校 

  • タイ王国動物園機構における記録管理に関するトレーニングワークショップ

  • ミャンマー国立動物園職員へのトレーニング

  • WRS(シンガポールの各種動物園)職員への血統登録簿管理トレーニング


Language skills

Dr. Tomisawa is native Japanese speaker (with skills in other Asian languages) and is fluent professionally and socially in English. When there was the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, she was the only one person responsible to answer all of the emails, phone calls and other contacts from overseas and transmitted information toward the rest of the world from the damaged facilities almost every day. 

She has experience with interpretation during meetings at the executive level. She has experience with written translation including MoU, agreements, business letters, leaflets, pamphlets, emails and so on. She has translated various documents between English and Japanese. She can speak some of Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Since she has worked for Sumatran tiger In Indonesia for more than 5 years, she has leant the languages little by little. She always trys to make efforts to use the local language that is spoken where she visits as much as possible.


  • Professional certification of HDI Support Center Analyst

  • Postgraduate Certificate for teaching Japanese for foreigners

  • Artificial Insemination Technician

  • IVF and IVM embryo transfer Technician

  • Certificate of Professional Development for Project Wild 

  • Certificate for the completion of Eco Tour Guide Training Course

  • Certificate for the completion of the course Facilitation and Communication Skills


 Dr. Jonathan D. Ballou

Scientist Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Tomisawa since 2008. Her knowledge and experience with zoo conservation breeding programs and our software PMx (the software used to assist with developing zoo conservation breeding programs worldwide) is in-depth and based on an extensive and varied career in this field. We were indeed privileged to have her provided the Japanese language translation for the PMx  software. She comes with my highest recommendation.

Ms. Laurie Bingaman Lackey
ISB & GSMP Advisor, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

Dr Kanako Tomisawa has been an integral part of the zoo world's small population advising since 2007.   She has taught studbook keepers in a number of countries to use Sparks to organise studbook data, enabling sensible data analysis.  This has allowed for better management of our captive populations.  She has good working relationships with many of the population biologists working with zoo populations, as well as the zoos themselves, especially in parts of the world where less access to this kind of knowledge and help is easily available.

Dr. Robert C. Lacy

Senior Conservation Scientist, Chicago Zoological Society

Dr. Tomisawa provides an essential service to wildlife conservation and to the zoos of Japan by teaching the principles and tools of scientific population management. She has worked with the international organization (Species360) that provides animal data management for zoos globally, she has worked with the developers of the analysis software used to guide breeding programs, and she has worked with the Japanese zoo association to promote collaborations with colleagues around the world. Her combination of experience and skills makes her uniquely able to help everyone understand what is required to protect the future of wildlife populations.

Dr. Sarah Long
Director, AZA Population Management Center

Dr. Kanako Tomisawa has served alongside global leaders in the zoological profession to help develop international databases, cooperative programs, and sound policies for the scientific management of zoo animal populations.  Dr. Tomisawa was key to representing the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the global zoo community, and her contributions helped improve understanding and collaboration among the diverse regional zoo associations active in population management.

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